Boeing Background Check Process

A background check is one of the most important things that any job candidate should do before applying for the job. It can be done in different ways, and some employers use them as part of their application process, while others just request it as a condition of employment. However, there are many types of background checks and they vary significantly in what they include and how thorough they are, so it is important to do research before applying.

Some companies also use pre-employment screening or pre-employment testing as part of their hiring process to help ensure that candidates present themselves in the best light possible during interviews. Pre-employment tests are often designed to give employers insight into certain psychological or health factors that would otherwise not be assessed during the hiring process.

About Boeing

The Boeing Company is a commercial aviation manufacturer. Boeing has offices in more than sixty countries, with over 100,000 employees and annual revenues of $58 billion in 2020. The Boeing Company was founded by William Boeing in Seattle on July 15, 1916.

The company’s primary focus is on commercial aviation, but they do manufacture other products such as helicopters and satellites. Boeing has been making a lot of progress in the area of AI, where they are currently using AI to help their engineers design new planes.

Why Should You Work For Boeing?

Boeing is a great company to work for. Although schedules are flexible, there are many opportunities within the company for growth. They also supply employees with a variety of subsidiaries to increase their job security & potential for career progression. Boeing has subsidiaries all around the world, which is why it’s important to look up company locations online.

Employees who have been with Boeing for a while report that they enjoy their work environment and the company’s overall success.

An Overview of the Boeing Selection Process

It’s common to hear people describe Boeing’s interview process as simple, friendly, and enjoyable. The company, on the other hand, uses a STAR-style interview procedure, which asks all candidates to respond to a series of questions. Boeing and other organizations use the STAR interview method to find the most intelligent, experienced, and capable job candidates.

STAR interviews are beginning to incorporate more “easy” screening questions towards the end of the interview process. This technique is intended to prevent many candidates from feeling anxious or pressured during final interviews. It’s a fact, some individuals struggle during follow-up screenings, as they may be unaware of how important tests are in this phase.

Boeing has limited information available about their STAR interview questions. It is not clear what these questions are designed to look for. Most of these company specific STAR interview questions tend to focus more on specific topics rather than the general company culture or personality of the interviewer.

Boeing has a slightly different interview process, which includes one-on-one interviews with a panel of people, including the person being interviewed and supervisors who know them well. Panel interviews do sometimes come across as more stressful than conventional ones however.

Instead of one interview, a conventional job interview involves two interviews – one with the human resource representative and another with the supervisor. A panel interview, on the other hand, involves one extra Boeing senior staff member.

Boeing’s Job Openings and Career Paths

Boeing is hiring for their various life science areas such as cybersecurity, manufacturing, business, IT & data science. You can apply online at the website or in person at the career fairs.

Consistent with Boeing’s website, you can easily navigate the career selection process by selecting one of the available areas. You can also view other helpful information such as COVID-19 information for new hires and benefits online.

Select the available opportunities in the career field you previously chose by clicking on them. On your laptop screen, a list of open jobs will emerge. To get access to the employee perks, choose one from the list. Six symbols will display on the laptop screen: Career, Financial Security, Community, Life, Compensation, and Health. Scroll down to see a position description, as well as essential and preferred requirements.

Boeing’s work environment has been regarded as varied, inviting, egalitarian, and inclusive. The company also highlights certain aspects of their culture on its website.

Job descriptions are now available further down the website. Feel free to take a look!

Scroll down further to access the Job Description, which is in-depth and forthcoming. Applicants can expect to find a detailed list of job responsibilities.

If you are given a position at Boeing, it is your obligation to learn all there is to know about the company’s duties. If you accept the job and feel that you can handle its responsibilities, then keep in mind that Boeing is also accepting any extra responsibility as well.

Pre-Employment Background Check at Boeing

To ensure that you sincerely want to be a part of this company and do a good job, all new employees must submit to an pre-employment background check. To facilitate this process, HR representatives will have the applicant sign a form and get them started on the process.

Boeing uses a credit agency that is compliant with the FCRA.

Boeing is obliged to get security clearance for specified employment as a federal government military contractor. In order to maintain this level of access, applicants are often required to pass a more thorough background check in order to enter sensitive areas of the company. Background checks for job applicants are conducted through FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System “NICS”.

Boeing conducts a criminal, educational, economic, and employment background check on all employees. As explained previously, certain roles will need a more thorough pre-employment background check of the highest standard.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about the background check process, please feel free to reach out to Boeing.

How long does Boeing take to validate a background check for an employee?

The assessment of a background check might take anywhere from three to ten working days. But, some people say that Boeing’s high-quality employment background checks take substantially longer.

Does Boeing Employ Felons?

The Boeing has updated their Equal Opportunity Policy in recent years and announced that they are open to hiring felons, but require more evidence prior to making the claim. The company affirms its commitment to equal employment, but there is not yet enough proof that the policy is being applied fairly and without bias.

The Boeing’s employing procedures are simple and uncomplicated, making it much easier to get work. If you have a felony record, consider applying at Boeing because they are one of the companies that have open arms to people with criminal records.

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