Does H-E-B Drug Test New Hires?

H-E-B Grocery Company is one of the largest grocery chains in the United States. H-E-B has more than 350 stores and its headquarters are located in San Antonio, Texas. H-E-B’s history as a grocery store goes back to 1905 when Florence Butt opened her first store in Kerrville, Texas. The company now employs around 100,000 people.

A common concern which many people have before applying for a job at the company is their drug test policy.

HEB Drug Testing Policy

The H-E-B drug policy states that the company will do everything in its power to ensure the workplace is free of illegal drugs and substances, both in and out of work.

For the sake of the state’s laws as well as the company’s image and safety, H-E-B has a zero-tolerance policy for drug usage.

Employees at H-E-B are told to get help from the company’s Partner Guidance Program if they have drug-related problems.

Individuals who break the company’s drug regulations are subject to harsh disciplinary penalties.

Administration may take a drug test if any strange behavior is seen during working hours.
This kind of post-accident screening is normally done two hours after the eScreen Custody form is presented. H-E-B also administers random testing to its employees.

Employees who don’t want random drug tests are treated the same as those who get positive results. If significant and credible evidence shows that a worker has used illicit drugs, H-E-B conducts mandatory drug testing.

Is a Pre-Employment Drug Test Required by H-E-B?

It appears some people go through some kind of test before they are employed, while others don’t.

It’s safe to say that drug tests vary depending on location, position and even your hiring manager.

Pre-employment tests are taken by companies to determine whether or not you are suitable for their position. If you fail, you may lose that job.

Furthermore, employee evaluations indicate that each location has a certain percentage of employees who are subjected to yearly random drug testing.

There’s been some debate about how many workers actually have had a drug test, but research shows there are around 10% of employees who had a drug test last year.

What Types of Tests Do They Conduct?

In order to conduct screenings, H-E-B utilizes oral swab saliva and urine tests. Both are mentioned in employer evaluations as a pre-employment screening option. It’s difficult to tell which tests you’ll be undertaking. The lesson is that you should always be ready.

There are a lot of HEB stores in and outside of Texas, so it’s likely that the types of drug tests used at each location will be different. Many retailers, notably in Austin and San Antonio, acknowledge the usage of a 5-panel urine test, according to sources.

The HEB pre-employment test is a 5-panel test, which is similar to the tests used by the majority of companies. Cocaine, cannabis, amphetamine, and opiate are all detected by this test.

Is it Possible to Work at H-E-B with a Felony?

It’s no secret that getting a solid job after a conviction may be difficult. Luckily, H-E-B is one of the many felon-friendly businesses.

Despite the fact that H-E-B employs felons on a regular basis, they nevertheless have certain restrictions in place to safeguard the interests of their clients, employees, suppliers, and, of course, the company itself.

So, although felons have a high chance of being employed at H-E-B, the HEB has the discretion to reject candidates who are ‘seen’ as a possible danger to the company’s image.

In reality, if you can demonstrate your capacity to provide significant benefits to the organization, your background check results may be thrown away.

Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of your criminal history, concentrate on how far you’ve come in terms of being a better citizen while being honest and persuasive about how far you’ve come in terms of moving beyond them.

Also, if at all feasible, enlist the help of trustworthy companies or individuals to attest to your reliability.
If you can show that you are trustworthy, honest, and efficient, you may be able to put your past behind you.

Do HEB Night Stockers Get Drug Tested?

Employees who work as night stockers are not routinely drug tested, meaning that they will only be tested when for example there has been a workplace accident or when they’re selected randomly for testing.

H-E-B night stockers are not drug tested on a regular basis, but they could be if their behavior is viewed as inappropriate. Management’s discretion & the location of the store play a role in determining what happens.

What Happens If I Fail The H-E-B Drug Test?

In the event that you fail a drug test at HEB, you will not be employed. You may resubmit six months after your first application.
If you currently work for HEB, you might be fired or suffer other repercussions.

Employees who have discussed their drug usage issues with a manager before a drug test may be treated more kindly if they can show evidence that they have a strategy in place to deal with their addiction. If you didn’t speak out, you’d have to face the consequences, as you well know.


Employees in reputable organizations, such as H-E-B, must demonstrate discipline and concentration on the work at all times. H-E-B is a no drugs company and has a very strict policy. Disciplinary action will depend on what position you have and if you test positive for any illegal substances there’s a chance that your employment will be terminated.

If you want to work with H-E-B, you should be aware of their drug-testing policy and avoid using or abstaining from using illegal substances.

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